Hillcrest Insurance Services
Employee Communication

Effective Communication has always been essential to employee benefits.  Employees must receive clear, concise information about their benefit plans and how to use them.  Today, as managed care utilization expands and investment options broaden, employee benefits communication is even more essential.  This becomes even more critical for non-profit organizations since a great deal of their employee’s total compensation is delivered by way of employee benefits programs.


As a network of independent specialists we understand that developing comprehensive benefits programs is only half the job.  Once that task is accomplished, focus must then turn to communicating with the employees who rely on these benefits for their own well-being.  A thorough and professional communication program assists employees in understanding and utilizing their benefits wisely.  We provide comprehensive, specialized communication services that enhance employees’ appreciation of their benefits.


Our Employee Communication Services include:


·        Benefit Surveys and Focus Group Meetings

·        Benefit Presentation Packets

·        Group or Individual Presentations

·        Enrollment Meetings

·        Plan Document and Summary Plan Description Preparation

·        Employee Benefit Statements

·        Benefit Newsletters

·        Orientation Videos

·        New Hire Packets